Billing Terms & Conditions

Warranty Period
The product covers a 12 months warranty for material & manufacturing faults. Five years warranty only for the wood-louse (Ghun) attack. The warranty will be applied, after an analysis of the actual situation. By ensure a skilled customer care representative to the customer premises.
Warranty Procedure
Customers are requested to keep the purchase voucher to avail the service. There is no warranty or guarantee for the glass, fabric or rexin. The company has the right to rework, repair and replace only the defective part or parts of the product in case of a warranty.
Terms of Payment
50% advance payment is mandatory out of total order value. The remaining payment must be made at least 48 hours before delivery of the product.
Mode of Payment
Acceptable payment mode is cash, Fund Transfer (Bank Account, Mobile Banking), credit card and cheque. If payment were made by cheque the delivery would be made after the encasement of the cheque.
Fitting Schedule
For Knockdown Furniture, Technician will be available at customer point within 48 hours after delivery of the product.
Order Change or Cancellation
Order cancellation is not acceptable but it can be changed within three days. It is not applicable for customized, set broken & fabrics products.
Order Validity
6 months from the date of order.
Delivery Period
Delivery will be made from ready-stock. If there is no stock, the date will be fixed upon discussion with the customer. The delivery date may change for any unavoidable circumstances.
Product Development
Product development is a continuous process and thus there could be minor changes in different versions of the product. This will not affect the functional value of the product.

User instructions

  • Any spillage should be wiped quickly with a soft dry cloth to avoid discoloration.
  • To adjust the position of furniture, it should be lifted rather than dragged across a completed surface.
  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight, wet & humid place. Maintaining relative humidity and temperature is critical for extending the life of good wood furniture, leather, and upholstery.
  • Solid tabletops, for example, will expand somewhat in the summer and compress in the winter months with no deleterious consequences.
  • Do not use nail polish remover, hair spray, perfume and glass cleaner (along with any other solvent-containing items) on a hardwood surface.
  • Use a protective layer (cotton, linen, or felt fabric) between any object and the lacquer finish surface to prevent damage.
  • Avoid exposing the furniture finish to devices that produce high heat, cold, or moisture (e.g., laptop, desktop, oven, etc.).
  • Remember that our furniture is termite resistant but not white-ant resistant. Ample sunlight and airflow can keep white ants away from your furniture. Furthermore, fungus grows on your furniture in a wet and damp environment.